2 pieces. Static and slider.
Original Sekurit glass.
Came off a Jetta, but should fit other water cooled VWs. Aluminum rack and good condition bag.
Solid bumper that is pretty straight. Someone did a good job welding a new end on, but it could do with the weld ground flush and then no one would tell.
Give your engine that stock look. I have one on my 58 and it looks a lot nicer than an alternator and gives me trouble free driving going for years. This used one came off a running car that got in a bad crash.
This was remanufactured back some time ago when they did better work than they do today.
Solid used part.
Prices from $50 for rough ones to $150 for decent ones, although they all could use lower repair panels.
Pretty decent shape. You could use it as is or weld in some lower repair panels.
From $50 for a tough door to $250 for a very solid one.
Very solid door with only surface rust. It has a crease where it must have scraped something a long time ago, but it is a great door for the price.
Pick up only.
Great condition. Can also fit in a Split Bus to give you extra fuel capacity.
Solid with no dents. I can hear some rust inside so it will need resealing. Pick up only.
Good original german tank. It looks clean inside too. Pick up only.
It came off a 1600 SP Bay engine but will work for others that need the vacuum.
Working instrument. Please advise zip for shipping rate.
Perfect condition.
Great condition.
Crusty but still solid and usable.
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